1. Transcendence

From the recording Extraño

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A long journey close to the earth
Learning and doing as the locals
Reaching a summit
An eerie feeling of connection with people of a distant past

Ivan Korn (songwriter, guitar, keys, mixing/mastering)
Sharon Sky (songwriter, vocals)
Ian Brenckle (bass)
Noah Klentak (percussion)


The earth, the sun
The stone, the sky
Kings of nothing
The same birds fly

The spirit, the vision
The journey, the rain
The earth, the sun
The heart, the pain

I will never
Walk this path again
But I never left it, I have
Always been


My body aches
For mystic miles
The consciousness
Historic child

My mind is touched
The shaman sees
A thousand years
That vision bleeds

Hold me close, hold me close
The union never torn
Speak through my veins now and
Be reborn



The earth the sun
The stone, the sky
The ladder falls
And down I slide

The heart of the journey
The sun in rain
The kings, the slaves, the divination, cocaine