A slight sultriness and a ton of sass”

Bill Copeland Music News

Sharon Sky

Sharon Sky is a singer, songwriter and performer in the Greater Boston Area. Her voice has recently been described as “silky, breathy, smooth [and] rangy.” She can keep the “soulful urgency front and center” or sing with a “beautiful self-restraint.”

Sky is equally comfortable leading a band, singing Latin-Balkan-Blues inspired originals and hard-hitting rock covers (Sky and Korn), doing current pop hits and Motown on lead or background vocals at events with a 14-piece horn band (The Midtown Horns), and current and classic country as a full band or duo (The Mooseheads). She can also provide a smooth sound for background music in a duo or trio doing originals, jazz and blues standards. Sharon can sing in multiple languages and formerly was a member of an originals-&-covers band in Beijing, China. Whatever the music, she is a performer who thrives on taking on the persona of her songs, welcoming her audience, and forming an emotional connection with them.